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“I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences.

I am not the content of my life. I am Life.

I am the space in which all things happen.

I am consciousness. I am the Now. I Am.”

 - Eckhart Tolle

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Allan Hamlin uses the psychic senses of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance within a mediumistic reading, to build on impressions and dialogue that originates from communicators in the spirit realm.  These impressions are then interpreted and relayed by him into a meaningful and evidential message for the client receiving the reading.

45 Min - $200 / 60 Min - $250 pp

Share a reading 2 people $300 / 60 Min



Host an event in the privacy of your own home for a group of up to 8 people.

These events are 2 hours in duration with all guests present at the same time.

Enjoy an afternoon with family or friends as we connect with the Spirit World.

Locations outside of Greater Sydney are welcome and will attract a travel fee.

2 hr Group - From $560 up to 8 people



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Allan Hamlin Psychic & Mediumship demonstration communicating with the Spirit world. Love is eternal with family and pets wishing to communicate with you at these events.

ONLY 40 people in this up close and personal setting! 

Doors open at 2pm

for a 2.30pm start
Suite 8, 1st level, 2 Castlereagh St,

Penrith, NSW 2750.
Stair access only to the 1st level.

Judy O Brien 21 June.png

Join Judy O' Brien for an evening of Messages from Spirit with ONLY 40 people in this up close and personal setting! 

Both will connect with audience members and give spontaneous readings and bring through healing and messages from loved ones and friends from the Spirit. 

Doors at 7pm for 7.30pm start
Suite 8, 1st level, 2 Castlereagh St,

Penrith, NSW 2750.
Stair access only to the 1st level.


My top tips are:

1) Keep in mind we meet a lot of people in our life and our family tree is a broad one. Sometimes the people we don’t expect, can pop in first to ‘open up’ the reading before the person you are hoping to reconnect with joins the reading. It could be the mother-in-law of an ex-husband, neighbour or work colleague that you hadn’t thought about in years! Every communicator is valid and is there to assist the process in some way so being familiar with names and relationships and connections you have had over the years will only enhance the process.

2) Reconnecting with a loved one in Spirit is a beautiful and happy experience! They may have waited many years to re-connect and they are looking forward to this moment in time as much as you are! It has been my experience that even if the relationship had been a rocky one on the earth plane the Spirit that wishes to reconnect is bringing forward meaningful messages that are in your best interests. Be open to the possibility that their perspective just like our own, can mature and grow.

3) I understand that many clients that I see carry a heavy heart from grief and loss. Grief sadly is the price we pay for love. Sometimes we can just carry sadness from the burden of a life that has become to overwhelming. Establishing what you need from a mediumship reading in these circumstances is key. Is it to reconnect with a loved one? Is it to regain clarity about your life directions, hopes and dreams? Spirit is there to assist you and assist us all. We are never alone and never without hope. Prepare some questions ahead of time and know that you will be gently guided by the wisdom of people from the Spirit World that love you.

4) Listening to some bright, happy music before you arrive for your session is ideal! Know that this moment ahead is one uniquely for you. Keep positive, keep an open heart and mind.

5) Hydrate! Remember to drink some water or bring some along with you. Sometimes there can be happy tears and sad tears all in the same reading! Taking a moment to hydrate can really help you reset.

6) You are always welcome to record my readings. Recording the reading on your mobile voice memo app is a great way to keep a record of your session. We cover a lot of areas in a reading and there may be things you forget later. Keeping a recording is a great memento of your session.

The best tip of all though is to just relax, be yourself and enjoy! I hope you have enjoyed these top tips from me. If you would like to know more or create an appointment reply on the contact page below.



Allan Hamlin Psychic Medium

I was born and raised in Sydney and I am the youngest of six siblings. My early life was a happy mix of family, great friends, school, sport and work and my current stage of life is a happy and harmonious blend of owning and operating a business, marriage, fatherhood and spiritual work.


Whilst I always had faith both in myself and my direction in life, I, like many others, encountered circumstances and challenges that at times felt insurmountable.


Throughout these moments in time, my connection to Spirit endured and taught me to heal and expand my life in ways that have not only benefited me, but can be shared to help and heal others.

I bring to every reading, over twenty years of professional involvement and experience in spiritual work.  My commitment to my craft and to those I read for is a reflection of the compassion, understanding and love that the Spiritual world has shown me. We are never without guidance and support, even in our most challenging moments.  

There is always hope.  

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Penrith Office

Suite 8, 1st Floor

2 Castlereagh Street

Surveyor House, Penrith 2750

Tel: 0408 415 493



  • allanhamlinspiritualmedium

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday: 2pm - 7pm

All bookings are by prior appointment.

Events, seminars and workshops

announced via Facebook and Eventbrite


Thanks for submitting!

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